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Passionate Software Developer. Currently improving my Ruby/Rails skills every single day and sharing what I learn.

Automate deployments with GitHub Actions and Docker Swarm - CI/CD

Once you can deploy an app to a remote Docker Swarm cluster from your local machine, you might want to automate the process so that your app gets deployed every time you push your code to your repository.

Deploy a Rails app to a Docker Swarm cluster on Hetzner

Recently, I've been working on a project using Ruby on Rails and decided to use Hetzner for hosting and Docker Swarm to handle the container orchestration in production.

Rails World 2023

A quick recap of the amazing Rails World 2023 and also my first Rails related conference ever.

Ruby's method-lookup path and Object Individuation

Objects seek their methods in both classes and superclasses, all the way up the inheritance tree; let's see how this method-lookup process works when modules are also involved.

Getting to know Ruby's Enumerable Module

Collection classes in Ruby typically include (or extend) Enumerable. If it has an #each method it probably mixes in the Enumerable Module.


Implementing Data Structures in Ruby: Arrays

Let's strengthen our understanding of Arrays by implementing them from scratch in Ruby. Building a solid foundation in Data Structures and Algorithms.