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Passionate Software Developer. Currently improving my Ruby/Rails skills every signle day and sharing what I learn.

Deploy a Rails app to a Docker Swarm cluster on Hetzner

Recently, I've been working on a project using Ruby on Rails and decided to use Hetzner for hosting and Docker Swarm to handle the container orchestration in production.

Rails World 2023

A quick recap of the amazing Rails World 2023 and also my first Rails related conference ever.

Ruby's method-lookup path and Object Individuation

Objects seek their methods in both classes and superclasses, all the way up the inheritance tree; let's see how this method-lookup process works when modules are also involved.

Getting to know Ruby's Enumerable Module

Collection classes in Ruby typically include (or extend) Enumerable. If it has an #each method it probably mixes in the Enumerable Module.


Implementing Data Structures in Ruby: Arrays

Let's strengthen our understanding of Arrays by implementing them from scratch in Ruby. Building a solid foundation in Data Structures and Algorithms.